November 7, 2011

Ikea home planner!!

If you would like to planner and costumize your home by yourself. There is a lot of softwares that can help you, but there is one in special that is easy and fast! The best!! You dont need to be a professional to start creat your own plan. Ikea home planner has a software in 3D for free on their website( that helps you to start plan your home. So if you are looking for somenthing easy and nice! Pick that trick!!

October 22, 2011

New project - Floor plan.

On this project I started from the kitchen, I increased the size so she can have more space, I changed the hinged door for a sliding door so she wont feel isolated when she is cooking. And then I placed the refrigerator, before the refrigerator was covering half of the window without allowing light to pass on now all windows can pass light on. Next to the refrigerator I i placed a small cabinet to storage some tablecloths, plates, cups, cutlery, that can make easy to arrange the table to breakfeast, lunch or dinner time. Next another cabinet to storage mixer, blender, toaster etc. Close to the sink another cabinet to storage cleaning suplies, then next to sink a cabinet with a wash machine embedded beneath. Then the stove with a oven and next to the stove a cabinet to place spices to make easy and fast when cooking.
The dinning room I changed the dimensions to make the kitchen bigger and the dinning room smaller because is not frequently used but I keept it formal and spacious, placing a large table on the center with over stuffed slipper chair, to make it confortable and cozy. I placed a lamp to convey more light and elegant.
On the living room I tried to make it feel lika a "small cinema" with a big flat screem TV in front of a big and confortable cinema sofa, adding also an oval coffe table on the center. I placed also two sofas agaist the walls with windows.
The study aerea I placed a large study table with 3 places to sit and behind a big bookcase and agaist the wall and large sofa to read and rest. The windows behind the sofa pass out light making easy to read on day light.
The laundry i keep it on the same place because I think its a good space for 2 machines and is a placeholder that is not seen.


For personal reasons, the blog was since september 20th but now we are back. I hope you enjoy the new posts!!

September 20, 2011

Ranch style.

First somenting about the "ranch history":
Originally the ranch home style was derived from southwestern and Spanish colonial homes. However the emergence of the first ranch homes appeared in the 1930’s and quickly became the dominant home design in American suburbia during the 1950’s. Ranch house plans feature an expressed freedom of space and were common among baby boomers.

Plans for ranch homes, simplistic in design gained popularity and made the use of abundant space in rural suburbs outside of the cities, which also provided the ability for individuals to drive cars to work. The ranch house supplied to what many Americans wanted, affordability, there own land, an open spacious house that could bring the outdoors in and provide an area for kids to play, spring time barbecues, and maybe a nice piece of soil for a gardener to enjoy.
Although ranch houses are often criticized as having little or no style, they were an extremely popular home choice between 1935 and 1975. Many people still prefer to purchase ranch house plans today because of their simple, yet efficient design.
A ranch style it's one of my favorites style. Most of the houses exterior and interiors are made with rustic and natural woods.

September 10, 2011


The colors are the best way to make a space feel warm or cool. Colors are the target to define if you have a sad or happy environment. We have to be very careful choosing the right colors to the right space. Always when you are starting to make a room you should follow the color hues. Using some tips you can transform the simple to luxury.

Here are the tips:

  • When creating a warm or cool color scheme, choose one color as the predominant color and then other colors as accent colors.

  • If you have a long and narrow room, you can consider painting the end walls a darker shade than the long, narrow walls. The darker colors will recede and will create an illusion of width in this instance. Light colors will advance.

  • Solids and simple patterns reduce visual weight, while bold patterns add visual weight.

  • Bright and intense colors add visual weight, while muted, neutral colors reduce visual weight.

  • To make a small room look larger, choose a light-color paint and select furnishings in the same color family. Or, you can paint some of the furniture to match the walls.

  • Light-color ceilings will attract attention, but dark-color ceilings will direct the eye back to head level, allowing the focus to be on the walls, furnishings and accessories in a room.

  • Light affects color dramatically. Fluorescent light tends to be cool lighting and brings out more green or blue in a color. Incandescent light — light bulbs — brings more of the red or warmth out in a color. It is important to view colors in daylight or night, because they will appear different.

  • The location of color within an interior space can make a great deal of difference in influencing the room's character. A color placed on a ceiling, wall or door may elicit many different reactions.

  • Perception of temperature may also be altered with color. Most design schemes contain more than one color in a space, so if the design includes a color from each group — warm and cool — coordination of the space is still accomplished.

  • RED
    • Ceilings: weighty and annoying.
    • Walls: advancing and energetic.
    • Floors: confident.
    Red is predominantly used as an accent color, but we are currently seeing more of a trend using this color on walls. Large amounts of saturated red create a more complex space, while saturated brown-reds can make a room warm and inviting.

    • Ceilings: soft hues delicate and comfortable.
    • Walls: complementary to skin tones when soft or pale. Dramatic when highly saturated and vivid tones are used.
    • Floors: for select and special spaces.
    • Ceilings: energizing and advancing.
    • Walls: soft peachy tones are warm and glowing. Bright tones are energetic, burnt orange shades are rich and warm.
    • Floors: creates movement.
    While orange is reserved typically for accents, pastel oranges are cheerful and lively. When this hue is close to peach, it has the ability to enhance skin tones and therefore would be a suitable color in a bathroom.

    • Ceiling: dark hues are heavy but work in high, open ceilings, especially to conceal exposed ductwork.
    • Walls: mid-tone and dark hues can evoke richness, warmth and comfort. Soft hues are natural and create a neutral backdrop for furnishings.
    • Floors: implies durability, stability and reliability.
    The light values of brown are good environments for work or for living. The red-browns have a good use in interiors because they bring warmth and comfort.

    • Ceiling: light hue, luminous, reflective and glowing.
    • Walls: warm if a golden hue.
    • Floors: bright hues are distracting and agitating.
    Ideal for safety purposes due to the high visibility qualities, it also appears brighter than white and is useful in poorly illuminated and dim spaces.

    • Ceiling: protective (reflection on skin tone can be unattractive).
    • Walls: safe, calm, reliable, neutral, yellow based hues create warmth, blue based hues tend to be cool.
    • Floors: natural up to a certain saturation point (light to dark), soft, relaxing (if closer to blue-green).
    Green is an excellent color for interior environments, especially when involving concentration and meditation.

    • Ceiling: soft shades are cool and heavenly, dark hues give the illusion of the ceiling advancing.
    • Walls: pale to mid-tone shades are soothing, darker hues provide a dramatic backdrop.
    • Floors: movement (darker hues) to effortless movement (lighter hues).
    Blue has a tendency to be cold and bleak if applied to large areas. Medium or deep tones are appropriate in incidental areas. Pale blue is refracted sharply by the lens of the eye, therefore it tends to cast a haze over details and objects in the environment.

    • Ceiling: shaded, creates shadows.
    • Walls: bland to neutral, cool and neutral.
    • Floors: neutral. Blends into a space.
    Gray is the color, which inspires creative people to become more creative. Gray is a great classifier. It performs the opposite of orange in that it makes things seem more exclusive.

    • Ceiling: blank - creates lightness, reflects light and reduces shadows.
    • Walls: neutral to empty, clean.
    • Floors: intimidating.
    White indicates delicacy, refinement and sophistication. White may be too harsh as an interior color in some climates. All-white work environments encourage great precision.

    • Ceiling: heavy but works well for an exposed ceiling with open ductwork.
    • Walls: threatening or dramatic.
    • Floors: unusual and absorbing. Dark furnishings would get lost placed directly on this floor color.

    September 4, 2011

    Floor plan.

    Are you thinking to create a floor plan, some
    basic tips can help you to make a beutiful
    and nicely one. And before you start I
    recomend to read a book that calls "What
    color is your sleepcover?" This book has a lot
    of interactive exercice that you can make by
    yourself to descover what is better for you in
    your home and where you can place each
    After you have chosen your home's style,
    there are just four steps to finding a floor
    plan to go with it. And to do that you must:

    Step 1: Establish Your Priorities

    Step 2: Find that Perfect Floor Plan

    Step 3: Determine if the House Plan is
    Suitable for the Building Site.

    Step 4: Make a scale drawing of each room
    of your favorite floor plan.

    By performing the above four steps you will
    discover whether or not a house plan is right
    for you. Most house plans are quickly ruled
    out within Step 2. However, in some cases, it
    may take going all the way through step #4
    to be certain.
    Keep in mind that you may be able to make
    simple changes to the floor plan and home
    style to fit your desires. As always, it is a
    good idea to consult with the home desiger
    and/or a qualified professional before
    making changes to any plan.

    I'm not going to say that the above four
    steps can be accomplished in a few days. In
    fact, it could take several weeks or even
    months to figure out if a floor plan is
    actually perfect for you.
    The home plan you choose affects both your
    home's budget and, most importantly how
    well your family will be able live together
    among other factors. Therefore, a house plan
    should never be chosen quickly.

    August 31, 2011

    Boutique Ideas

    Let's go shopping? Here some boutique ideas. Classics, luxury, fashion and elegants.
    Vamos de compras? Aqui algumas ideas de desenhos para boutiques. Classicas, luxuosas, fashion e elegantes.

    August 26, 2011


    Bathroom a "intimate place" where you can take a long bath shower to relax after a hole day of job. So here I have some ideas of a relaxing bathroom.

    August 25, 2011

    Do you like pink?

    If you really like pink here are some ideas! But be careful in your choices, pink is a very strong color even if its a light pink because to convey a harmonious environment using pink you need to know how to use it, how to mix all the elements and accessories. With pink elements you can create a romantic space, a elegant space or a cool space.
     Se você realmente gosta de rosa estão aqui algumas idéias! Mas tenha cuidado em suas escolhas, rosa é uma cor muito forte mesmo que seja um rosa claro, porque para transmitir um ambiente harmonioso usando rosa, você precisa saber como usá-lo, como misturar todos os elementos e acessórios. Com elementos cor de rosa você pode criar um espaço romântico, um espaço elegante ou um espaço legal.

    August 24, 2011

    Small apartaments tips!!

    Last week I was looking some apartaments design and I found a beautiful small apartament with a delicate and sofisticate decoration, all the elements are very combined. With a small space they turned it more comfortable, harmoniuos, practice and elegant. It's a very wonderful project, and you also can check it, just click here (
    Na semana passada eu estava procurando alguns projetos de apartamentos e encontrei um pequeno apartamento, com uma decoração delicada e sofisticada, todos os elementos estão muito combinados. Com um pequeno espaço que transformou-o mais confortável, harmonioso, prático e elegante. É um projeto maravilhoso, e você também pode verificá-lo, basta clicar aqui ( / casaejardim).

    Then, I decided to post some tips to how to mount  small apartaments like that, in small spaces we usually need to combine confort with practice, because we can not add to much stuff, because you'll not  be organized and you'll not feel confortable. When I decided to make a project, to a small apartment first thing is convey space even if this is only an illusion. So if you have a small space try to make it "broad" not adding to much accessories and furnitures, just the necessary.
    Então, resolvi postar algumas dicas de como montar apartamentos pequenos, como em pequenos espaços que normalmente a necessidade de combinar o conforto com a prática, porque não podemos adicionar muitas coisas, porque você não vai conseguir ser organizado e você não vai se sentir confortável. Quando decidi fazer um projeto, para um apartamento pequeno primeiro é transmitir espaço mesmo se isto é apenas uma ilusão. Então se você tem um espaço pequenoe quer tentar torná-lo "amplo" não acrescente muito acessórios e móveis, apenas o necessário.

    August 20, 2011

    Room and questions!

    What consider when you are designing a room:
    First and the most important: Are the windows and doors in harmonious alignment to each other and to the layout of the room?
    What happens to the balance of the windows in the space?
    What about the shape of the windows? Their height and the style of the windows, mullions and frames can effect functional, stylist and atmospheric choices.
    Are their views worth acknowledging?
    Are there views that are best to conceal?
    O que considerar quando você está projetando uma sala:
    Primeiro eo mais importante: As janelas e portas em alinhamento harmonioso entre si e com o layout da sala?
    O que acontece com o equilíbrio das janelas no espaço?
    E sobre o formato das janelas? Sua altura e no estilo das janelas, caixilhos e quadros pode efetuar escolhas estilista, funcional e atmosférica.
    São seus pontos de vista vale a pena reconhecer?
    Existem pontos de vista que são os melhores para esconder?

    Architraves, baseboards, chair rails, cornices, door furniture, closet doors and other architectural details can be added or removed in most, but not all cases. So if you are thinking to change, redecorate or design a room, these are important questions you should think about, before you start!
    Arquitraves, rodapés, trilhos de cadeira, cornijas, móveis, portas closet e outros detalhes arquitetônicos podem ser adicionadas ou removidas, na maioria, mas não todos os casos. Então, se você está pensando em mudar, ou redecorar um quarto projeto, essas são perguntas importantes que você deve pensar, antes de começar!

    August 12, 2011

    How to decorate your wall?

    To decorate a wall, you can use pictures, frames, mirrors, stickers(special for wall), accessories... but you also can create something special by yourself, you just need to have a imagination.
    When you are thinking to change your home decoration, search at magazines, web sites, go to the stores to check what is up, all to get inspiration.
    I love create accessories by myself specially home decoration, this is my favorite hobby!! So let's go get some inspiration.
    Para decorar uma parede, você pode usar imagens, quadros, espelhos, adesivos (especial para parede), acessórios ... mas você também pode criar algo especial por você mesmo, você só precisa ter imaginação.
    Quando você está pensando em mudar a sua casa decoração de pesquisa, em revistas, sites da Web, vá para as lojas para verificar o que está em up, tudo para obter inspiração.
    Eu adoro criar acessórios, especialmente decoração de casa, este é o meu passatempo favorito! Então vamos começar com algo de inspiração.

    August 11, 2011

    More kitchens!

    This kitchen is very modern, sofisticated and elegant, all the colors stand out, is easy to clean, small but very organized. The white glass used in the sink it's a very good material, very easy to clean and spacious to cook. Best choice for who has a small apartament!! *********************************************************************************
    Esta cozinha é super moderna, sofisticada e elegante, todas as cores se destacam, é fácil de limpar, pequeno, mas muito organizado. O vidro branco usado na pia é um material muito bom, muito fácil de limpar e espaçoso para cozinhar. Melhor escolha para quem tem um pequeno apartament!

    Victorian Style

    This is my favorite house of Victorian's style.

    Victorian Style is from 19th Century.
       Influenced by the Italianate and Gothic Revival styles, like a exotic estyle.
                            There overhanging eaves and trim ornament of wood.
                            Featuring asymmetrical massing.
                            Around there is a central tower or spire, created by the use several different types of steep roof.
                           There are a lot of Gothic details between they are pointed arches, carved moldings, and vaulted ceilings - further elevated the style.
                           Informal symmetry, harmonized with the natural landscape, marked by steeply pitched roofs, narrow arched.
    windows, hood moldings, irregular outlines.It looks decorative and romantic.The window frames and doorways are arched.The brackets support  projecting eaves.
    There small square towers, both as campaniles and cupolas, and they rise above the main body of the house.Bay windows, porches and decorative trim.The boxy outlines gave the house or more complex silhouette.Ornamented structural.
    Featured decorative panels under eaves or between windows and doors.Suns and geometric designs.
    Decorative incised ornament, the arrangement of sticks in a geometric pattern on porch rails and as a gable decoration.
    All the elements together form an elegance and impact of the same detailed time.
    Estilo Vitoriano é do século 19.
    Influenciado pelos estilos Revival Italianate e gótico, como uma Estyle exóticos.
    beirais salientes e ornamentos guarnição de madeira.
    Assimétrica apresentando massa.
    Por ali é uma torre central ou spire, criado pelo uso vários tipos diferentes de telhado íngreme.
    um monte de detalhes Gothic entre eles são apontados arcos, molduras esculpidas, e tectos abobadados - ainda mais elevada do estilo.
    Simetria informal, harmonizada com a paisagem natural, marcada por telhados íngremes, estreitas arqueadas janelas, molduras capô, outlines.It irregular olhares decorativos e romântico.
    Os caixilhos das janelas e portas são em arco.
    Os suportes de apoio beirais salientes.
    pequenas torres quadradas, tanto como campanários e cúpulas, e elevar-se acima do corpo principal da casa.
    Janelas, varandas e guarnição decorativa.
    Os contornos boxy deu a casa ou silhueta mais complexa.
    Ornamentada estruturais.
    Destaque painéis decorativos sob beirais ou entre janelas e portas.
    Suns e desenhos geométricos.
    Ornamento decorativo incisão, o arranjo de varas em um padrão geométrico sobre trilhos varanda e como uma decoração gable.
    Todos os elementos juntos formam uma elegância eo impacto do mesmo tempo detalhada.

    August 10, 2011

    Kitchen ideas.

    Classic, modern, contemporary, simple, rustic, colored.... It depends your style.
    Clássico, moderno, contemporâneo, simples, rústico, colorido .... Depende do seu estilo.